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When it comes to commissions there are a few things happening. I get to know the person who is ordering, I get to know the personality or the intention towards the persons who will receive it and it's just awesome. It's about emotions, energy, memories, and, relationships just like paintings. 

Commissions are a really thoughtful gift and I really enjoy the challenge as I usually chose what to paint. 


Prices are calculated on the size, the time, and the materials that it will take.


Minimum time to be ready: 2 weeks.

Starting price for commissions:  $350.

About copies

I do not copy other artist's paintings. I can try my own interpretation of what I see but won't be a copy. Besides, I don't reproduce my own work. Each piece is unique and individual and we love that!

What do I need to know?

Any details you can give me will be appreciated, some examples; colors, size, materials, themes, pictures. If it is a present you can tell me about personal hobbies, favorites places, or a particular way of dressing for example. All the details will help to create something exactly for the person you want to surprise.

How long does it takes?

This one is tricky. Depends on a few variables as the size and complexity of the piece. Depends as well on how much work I am doing at the moment of the order but I will be always able to tell you an estimated due time.

Don't forget!

By buying one or more pieces you are helping me to keep living from what I love which is creating, sharing, learning, and spreading art. If you are not able to buy please help by sharing the website and social media with your friends and family, which means a lot for me!

Order by commission tips: Tips y consejos
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