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Hello there! 

La Escondida is the name of a pretty romantic tiny cabin in Cordoba, (Argentina) from where we took the name for our dream life.


Even if is a difficult name to remember in English and it goes against marketing, is a name that represents a lot for us. (And I have to be honest I really enjoy people trying to say it properly in Spanish) 

We share on this website all my creations and Pat helps me to lift them up with his frames. 

My Story

To tell my story is to speak about places and people basically.

I was born in Patagonia, in a really windy, dry, and cold area of Argentina. My mom is a plastic artist and I have learned from her the passion for painting and drawing (Just the passion, not the technic, not patient enough) My dad was an oil worker (and the best music taste in the universe) and because of his job we have moved like 15 times from one house to other. Most people hate moving, I absolutely love it. New houses, new stories, new bedrooms to decorate, new windows to change perspective, and boxes all over. My brother is a therapist who lives in Colombia and I guess we share a passion for traveling and challenges and a love for my niece Cala!


I left home when I was 17 to live on my own in the center of the country while I was going to Uni. And, I never went back. I have been living in other places in Patagonia, moved to London for a year, moved to Colombia for almost one more year, and now it's been two years in Australia. When I think about myself, I know for sure that I have lived 100 different lives. I am a travel agent, a yoga teacher, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a partner, and now an artist too.


I live with Pat and our dog Lenny. We enjoy tea and walks and talks about framing and paintings, (some barking too) And I love it, I love my life with them and my studio where I feel safe, connected, and productive. Since June I have been really lucky to start a job as a casual in the SAM (Shepparton Art Museum) which allows me to learn every single day about many awesome Australian artists.


This is so far the most exciting experience that I have lived by painting and bringing some color to your walls. Each painting has a bit of myself on it and I feel really flattered every time somebody buys one of my paintings (And I do some ridiculous jumps around the house) 


  • I am not a morning person. (but I can't see during the night!)

  • I eat too many sweets (little veggies)

  • I prefer indoors (cozy and warm)

  • My favorite season is summer.

  • A dream: To go to the carnivals in Rio de Janeiro (before my 50s)

  • Other hobbies: Taking photographs, traveling, and dancing.

  • A place that I really want to visit: Mexico,

  • I miss: My friends, my family, and my drink Fernet (Too expensive here)

  • Favorite food: Mom's homemade spaghetti and Pat's breakfasts. 

  • I hate; The wind.

  • Scared of; Spiders (and any bug truly)

  • Really bad at; Swimming, small talk, singing, and Maths.

  • Really good at; Dressing in the wrong way, and eating chocolate. 

Thank you for your support and reading, coming soon "About Pat" 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

0491 604 925

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