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La Escondida Arte was born with various needs.

The first and most urgent, the need to express feelings and thoughts through colors. I have suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember and painting has been one of my main tools to learn to live with this disorder that affects many of us. Painting brings me peace, connects me with others, and gives me the opportunity to help worthy causes.

The second, but no less significant, the need to give a voice to an entire generation of women. Most of my paintings show women of different ethnicities, ages, and sizes. Almost all of them include a bit of mystery or a sense of tranquility. They are, for me, the expression of thousands of generations of silenced women through the ages and who today are beginning their journey through a path of greater inclusion, a stronger voice, and, finally,  some calm.

And the last but not least, the need to allow me to live off my art which is what I'm passionate about, bringing also some joy to your wall!

A little bit of history...


  • Not all our artwork comes with a handmade frame (Please check before you order)

  • We use perspex instead of glass for better clarity and less weight on your wall (Not on canvases)

  • The shipping cost is NOT included in the price (depending on the area in Melbourne we deliver for free sometimes).

Important: Some of the website pictures are illustrative and might vary the colors or frames once you receive it.


Pared de concreto

Anna Tyrrell

“I approached Soledad to do a commissioned large canvas of an autumnal Jamieson scene.

Jamieson is such a special spot for me and my family and Sole took the time to understand what I wanted. The result is a stunning, original artwork that evokes a real sense of place for me. The work is very large so would have been a huge challenge. I am thrilled with the result and it looks stunning in my lounge room. Sole is such a talented artist and I think you should get yourself a Sole original today!”

Pared de concreto
Jess and Kyle.jpg

Jess & Kyle Hollingworth

"This painting has been a wonderful adition to the entry way of our homeland has created a real talking point when we welcome guests. You really get a sense of the unique style of the artist. We are happier today than when we first put it up. Thank you!"

Pared de concreto